To record your public service announcement, you will be using a program called Audacity.

You will be combining two MP3s to create this announcement: one is the narration and one is the music.

To mix the two, you open the audacity program. Plug in a microphone. Push the RED record button. When you are finished talking, push the YELLOW stop button. To hear what you have recorded, push the GREEN go button.

Then go to to Project, Import Audio. Find the audio file you have saved to your space on the server, and click on it. Once it is imported, check the sound to be sure it is not too loud. You can adjust the sound by using the slider bars on the left hand side of the screen.

Once you have finished with the two tracks, you will go to File and Export, choose Export as an MP3. The first time you might be asked where to locate the lame file. It is in Student Share in the technology folder. Once you have clicked on it, you will simply export to the server, or wherever your teachers tell you.

That's it!
Sounds are below! Or look in Student Share in the Digital Film Class folder for more. You will need to save link as to your space on the server to be able to import it to audacity.

You might want to try MixWit:

Free sounds files from AKA Riptide

Other sources:

Other Applications:
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