Here are the directions for our collaboration with The Lovett School

You will not begin the commenting on this project until you have chosen a picture. You will then decide what you want to "say" about this character. Be creative but appropriate.

Once all the commenting is finished, we will go back and ask questions of one another. Later, we may have a Skype conversation with the other classes.

First, go to
Next, click on Login
Type the user name and password we have given you

Once you are there, click on My Voices and find Many Voices.
Remember, do NOT delete anything while you are working. This is a group project, and you must be very careful!

To find your identity, you will click the L in corner of the screen. Once you see all the avatars, hover over them to find yours. Click.

Now, when you comment, your avatar will be associated with your comment.

When you are ready to comment, plug in a mic, click the record button, (click allow if the message comes up), and begin talking. As you are talking, use the pen tool to circle or highlight your person. You might also choose to use a webcam if you feel comfortable!
Once you have recorded your comment, you must save it.